Partners & Collaborators

VetStrong is a nonprofit organization that supports and provides household goods and furnishings to recently rehoused homeless Veterans.

VetStrong started off with a pick-up truck and a few Veteran volunteers in 2017, but has grown into a community that helps over 200 Veteran and their families' households each year in San Antonio, as well as on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.  

Chummyvet Apparel supplies VetStrong Apparel (click to shop!) and is proud to donate a portion of proceeds - as well as our time - to this great mission.  Learn more about VetStrong, how to donate furniture and houseware, your time, or help spread the word of their great mission at VetStrong website (click).




Chummyvet Apparel looks great with a pair of Ruckrunners shorts. 

Raises the temp in the room, folks. Way up! 

Proud to partner with fellow GWOT veteran and Black Knight Andrew Goehring!  KEEPING FREEDOM ALIVE '05!

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